Distance is temporary

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Wow I have not been on here in forever. This is a place where I can come and write all my emotions out and don’t really care what people think. Well we moved to Jacksonville fl where my husband got stationed I don’t know anyone I have met two navy wife’s and I hang out with one of them. But he’s underway he left the week after we got here :( I still have not found a job so I’m so Lonely idk what to do I hate going out by myself I feel miserable I just wish he was here. I need a life I know. But I’m in a new town thousands of miles from home aghhhh just wish I could get some great advice

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This is it last night home! Leave tomorrow morning

Florida my new home!!



How Girls Pack a Suitcase

LOL this used to be me, but I’ve packed so many bags in the last 2 years that if you give me like a 5 minute warning, I could probably have a reasonably sized suitcase packed at the door.

Haha so true but I have got better at packing I’ve traveled so much in this past yeat

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Could really use this

Could really use this

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The difference between tumblr and real life.


In real life, when people realise you have an obsession with something:

On tumblr, EVERYONE has an obsession. So we’re just like:

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5 days ;)

5 days ;)

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